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Johannes Wohnseifer - A Secret Show in a Secret Place - Publications - Meliksetian | Briggs

Johannes Wohnseifer

A secret show in a secret place


Published by Bywater Bros. Editions
66 pages, hardcover, numbered edition of 170
7-3/4 x 6-1/4 inches (19.7 x 16 cm)
Colour cover and inner pages


ISBN 978-0-9780789-5-9


Photos by Alwin Lay
Cover photograph by Rigbe Wohnseifer
Designed by Roger Bywater and Johannes Wohnseifer


In 2010 Johannes Wohnseifer staged a solo exhibition of his work in a vacant 2 story apartment somewhere in Germany. The location and date were never revealed and entry was limited to a handful of visitors.


This book documents that exhibition.


The venue – a decaying, high-end society pad, complete with rich, oak-paneled walls and spacious bedrooms – makes an interesting counterpoint to the numerous sculptures and paintings carefully arrange throughout its interior. In fact the exhibition itself functioned as an alternative mini-retrospective of sorts, featuring works from every period of Wohnseifer’s career. Lusciously illustrated with installation shots by Alwin Lay and assorted pop-culture references this book seeks to pull-back the curtain on this never-before-seen exhibition.


This book is also available in special edition of 30 signed and numbered copies with a tinted red acrylic slipcase.