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Alex Heilbron - 2020 - Artist's Book - Publications - Meliksetian | Briggs

Alex Heilbron



Self-published artist's book


210 x 270mm, 48 pages, full colour printing throughout, semi-gloss stock with heavy weight fold in cover, perfect bound, 2020.


Beautiful new artists book from California based practitioner Alex Heilbron. Covering a body of eight paintings, the publication is subtle yet thoughtful and revealing. Its rhythm seems to work in relation to the body of work too, running from work to details.


From the introduction ‘Femininity, Pattern and the Grid’

‘Patterning determines the logic of the paintings, subject of the paintings and atmosphere of the paintings. Pattern acts as a sentient force, which permeates all aspects of this work, simultaneously creating and recreating each image. It also functions metaphorically to emphasize ideas of productivity and femininity. Patterning is the protagonist around which all the disparate formal investigations of the paintings coalesce.’