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John Miller

For the 20th anniversary of the Ringier Collection, Arthur Fink and Beatrix Ruf are curating two temporary exhibitions, both focused on drawings and works on paper, at Villa Flora in Winterthur.


Both exhibitions subscribe to a broadened conceptually-geared view of drawing: drawing is not understood as a secondary medium to the work of the artists a mere preparatory sketch, but as hierarchically equal and autonomous media within which the conceptual and creative basis of an artistic position is articulated.


Many of the artists represented in the collection have explored drawn formats extensively, questioning its status and conceiving new forms of the dessin: e.g. Trisha Donnelly, who fuses drawing and video; Urs Fischer, who creates drawings in three-dimensional space; or artists like Raymond Pettibon, Larry Johnson and Mike Kelley, who work with the pictorial idiom of comics. The question of the role that drawing might play in the production and distribution of digital images is addressed by artists like Wade Guyton, Seth Price and Helen Marten.