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John Miller

Nina Beier and John Miller

Wintry Mix

September 29 – January 18, 2019
Broadway Windows and Washington Windows
Opening 28 September, 2019, 6–9pm
Celebration at 80 Washington Square East, NYU

Child in (or not in) its element
Bag in (or not in) its element
Snow in (or not in) its element
Dog in (or not in) its element
Suit in (or not in) its element 

Fake Child in its element
Fake Bag in its element
Fake Snow in its element
Fake Dog in its element
Fake Suit in its element


Beier and Miller combine signature elements of their respective practices in this collaborative project. The exhibition takes place in the gallery’s seven windows on Broadway (at the corner of East 10th Street) and Washington Square East (near Washington Place). Curated by Nicola Lees and produced by Lucas Quigley. 

Supported by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, an agency under the aegis of the Danish Ministry of Culture.