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Johanne Wohnseifer

Like a rhizome, a widely branching root system, the exhibition Blow Up! is permeated by the most diverse themes of our time, which, in the broadest sense, deal with the growth of things. In a variety of ways, the new works in the collection negotiate, explore, critique, caricature, and satirize traditional notions of growth. The focus is on the temporal and spatial dimensions of growth. However, with an impressive addition of more than eighty recent donations, the exhibition also focuses on the growth of the museum’s collection itself.


...At the beginning of the exhibition, one can experience how movement, action, and the search for meaningfulness develop out of the black depth of space—virtually from nothing. This search for meaningfulness is taken up by the exhibits in numerous ways and comes to a head towards the end of the exhibition: Johannes Wohnseifer lets us step in front of a white picture covered with a real camouflage net and thus hidden from our gaze, the picture thus rigorously denied to our vision...