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Bas Jan Ader

The right to be forgotten

Opens Sunday October 15


7 and 8.30 pm — Performance Tomoko Sauvage & Timothée Comte

9pm—Live Krikor Kouchian

Free booking here

Food—Les Jardins du Belvedere

Drinks—Le philtre vodka, wine and beer

Address—44 bld de la Bastille, 75012 Paris


As part of the Paris + VIP program, Art Basel and Starting Sunday, which inaugurates Paris Art Week, Musée Transitoire invites you to celebrate the right to be forgotten in the former RSI administrative offices.


The right to be forgotten has allowed web users to ask search engines to delete certain information about them. Musée Transitoire appropriates this legal notion to question the regimes of individual presence in contemporary society, as well as the place of authors in the field of art. This right to oblivion becomes an idiorrythmic manifesto, a term borrowed by Roland Barthes from the religious vocabulary of monasteries to designate the rhythm of life of certain monks living both in isolation and in community, in a compromise between withdrawal and commitment.