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Aura Rosenberg, John Miller

Teen Party presents a rare dual exhibition between the two artists, who have previously only shown together at the St. Petri Church in Lubeck, Germany in 2014.

Aura Rosenberg will be debuting a series of lenticulars, “Statues Also Fall in Love,” which nods back to a previous body of work, “The Dialectical Porn Rock,” for which she had glued images borrowed from porn magazines onto rocks that she then photographed in natural settings. “Part of what drove me to make that work was the impulse to turn stone into flesh,” she says. “That impulse appears as well in these new lenticular prints, alternating between images of statues and pornographic photos, pointing to the eroticism embedded in classical figuration—and the fantasy that statues could come to life.”

John Miller, meanwhile, is showing two lightbox works that also are in dialogue with earlier phases of his practice. “They’re part of an ongoing series in which I superimpose silhouettes of some of my early brown impasto works over street scenes,” he explains. “The silhouettes refer specifically to small, shaped pieces that invoke body parts and stature. The lightboxes suggest that these modest works have morphed into monuments: a kind of delusion of grandeur. Nonetheless, they offset–and perhaps call into question–given ideas of public space.”